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Rent your office in Barcelona at SBC Centers and enjoy maximum comfort, the highest level of service and excellent service at competitive prices.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All our offices are closed with an access code, for an exclusive use for each client (not shared) and the published rates are for office (not per person), and they include the Domiciliation of the Company. Besides you can choose any of our Forfaits (exclusive packs for customers) including the unlimited use of meeting rooms at a price of 3€/hour, reduced rate for phonecalls, VLAN (private network in every office), etc. In any case, prices may vary depending on the chosen SBC Center, the size, whether the office is open or closed, etc. These aspects can be seen very well on a personal visit. Therefore our recommendation is to choose the center that best suits your preferences and let us show you our facilities without any obligation. Call us and we fix a visit. We will be delighted to welcome you. Contact Us
TOWARDS EXCELLENCE: To guarantee the excellence commitments of our services, all SBC customers have at their disposal the Department of Quality and Customer Service:
E-mail: atencionalcliente@centros-sbc.com
  • Free number: 900121275

Features of SBC Centers. Environment and comfort

In SBC Business Centers we deeply respect that the work be developed in optimum physical and environmental conditions by all companies and people who work there. That is why we offer a peaceful and comfortable environment. We demand and supervise that there is no discomfort between different users.

In order to enable this phylosophy all office have a list of ten standards of courtesy (we ask our clients to work with the doors closed, not talking on the phone through the corridors, etc.).

With respect for others we all work better.

In terms of equipment, our offices are soundproofed, air conditioned and fully equipped with desk for each position, comfortable executive chair with adjustable height and back wheels, buck of drawers and shelves. Possibility of round table with chairs confident.

Furthermore, in all our centers will enjoy many services to improve comfort and exceed their expectations, for example, internet via fiber optic type Macrolan, subnet private for each release VLAN, phones with exclusive numbers, music, permanent video surveillance, daily newspaper, parking with special conditions, 24-hour access and our exclusive User Multi-Sala. All protected and guaranteed by our Flexible SBC Contract Services.

Whenever we watch for usability and appearance of our offices are in perfect condition, maintaining equipment, furniture and fixtures with permanent ad-hoc programs and upgrading and modernizing our systems periodically. SBC centers always at the forefront in technology, innovation and services.

Availability of our ofices by Business Center

The availability and prices of the Centros SBC offices are organized in this way:

  • Office renting of 1-2 working places: available in all our Centers.
  • Office renting of 3-4 working places: available in all our Centers.
  • Office renting of 5-8 working places: available at SBC Tarradellas, SBC Vilamarí and SBC Universitat.
  • Office renting for more than 8 working places: Is a convenient option when it's necessary to keep independent spaces. In those cases we suggest the distribution of two or three separate offices preferably consecutive to facilitate the daily work of the company.

Our Technology

We define ourselves as a company committed and deeply interested in applying the latest technology to our services. From our origins we work with prestigious technology providers to develop and deploy the most advanced always tools at our offices. These are the partners who help us provide our customers the best solutions in this area.

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  1. Internet access with optical fiber (Movistar): The operator agreements with our data allow us to deliver high-speed transmit and receive over the Internet thanks to fiber optics technology symmetrical. Depending on the number of offices in each of our business centers we have between 600 Mbps and 2.4 Gbps for Firewall balanced to ensure high availability for all users.
  2. Network management with NETGEAR ProSafe Switches: The switches that manage our networks are Layer 4. This type of switches allows us to offer private VLAN in all our offices for rent. This feature ensures the confidentiality of your transmissions and data to work every office with a home network. Allow simultaneous transmissions without interfering with other sub-networks, the network is not shared with other users of the Business Center. These computers also allow customized solutions provide NAT type. For example, setting VPNs (virtual tunnels) between the office of a client and the servers that it can have on other sites or allow access to the computers of our users from anywhere in the world. Basically they incorporate the functionality of a switch layer 3 the ability to implement policies and filters information from the layer 4 or higher, and TCP / UDP, SNMP, FTP ports, etc.
  3. WIFI technology Ubiquiti Unifi UAP Pro: Discover other technical element of utmost importance in the quality of our WIFI network. We work with the US manufacturer Ubiquiti Networks, international specialist in access solutions for companies around the world and countless bodies of the Public Administration (municipalities, universities, schools, libraries, etc.). Incorporate new products UAP PRO high-end operating in the bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands providing coverage ranges of 150 meters and constant speeds of 300 Mbps and 450 Mbps respectively.
  4. IBERCOM Virtual PBX Icloud : Ibercom is a recognized integral operator, chosen by SBC centers for its highly specialized VoIP solutions, particularly with fully customizable Virtual PBX and absolute discretion and flexibility in managing the Control Panel , allowing us to respond immediately to the preferences of our customers in the voice response services.
  5. CPD de ACENS for hosting applications and SBC data: SBC systems are hosted on dedicated high-availability data center of ACENS specialized in this type of facilities MOVISTAR Group company servers. Ranges Security and availability are 99.9%, and all our applications, servers and data are redundant to avoid cuts and downtime.
  6. 3G and 4G coverage for (Movistar, Vodafone y Orange):With regard to mobile telephony within our Business Centers, we have reinforced antennas and repeaters different operators have detected areas where low coverage. All offices receive 3G or 4G coverage.
  7. Xerox printing technology Document confidentiality:Finally, we highlight that we are XEROX Partner since 2010 and we have implemented the latest tools available for printing confidential documents (specific software and multifunction machines). The encrypted data is transmitted from each computer to a print queue to which access is only available to each user can request printing with individual PIN identification code. It is an economic, fast and totally secure.

For Centros SBC is not only important personal attention and comfort, our focus on excellence we also requires offices we offer our users have the most advanced information technology resources.

Frequent questions

What is a Business Center?
What advantages does SBC Centers offer compared to others?
Which is the term of the contract? Flexible Service Contract
How big are the offices and how are they furnished?

When you open your own business or rented office in Barcelona, you must face the expensive and hard work of furnishing and configuring your workspace and configuring it before you can be productive. You have the hassle of construction projects, licenses and fees, furniture and decor, IT and telecommunications infrastructure, registration with utility providers, recruitment costs, etc. You’ll have to wait a long time before things area ready to start business.

In contrast, choosing an SBC Center will allow you to settle in immediately. You’ll have a fully equipped office with 1-6 workstations in the type of professional environment which your business deserves. There is no initial investment, the facilities are well located and well connected, with private car park inside the building, equipped with a next-generation IT infrastructure, IT support service, meeting rooms, photocopy areas, break areas, meticulous secretary and reception support, and everything your company needs for its daily operations.

  1. Comfort and well-being: Is a part of DNA SBC Center. People who are at the forefront of the SBC Center are committed personally to customers and in general anyone visiting us, to feel in a comfortable environment both in facilities and in our treatment.
  2. Guarantee full flexibility: Our service contract remains the ongoing challenge of protecting one of our core values, as is flexibility. Our users can change services, contract duration or office location, simply applying it.
  3. Comprehensiveness. SBC customers receive services provided directly by our company, but also we offer users access to computer, fiscal, labor or legal services recommended by SBC.

Our guests enjoy a total flexibility guarantee whereby they have not commitment to stay, thanks to our exclusive Flexible Service Contract. Choose your office, set up shop in 5 minutes, enjoy the length of stay and price that best suits your needs, change them whenever you wish and terminate your contract whenever it suits you. Just give us two months of notice.

Offices are available anywhere from 8 m2 to 32 m2, and feature 1-6 comfortable work stations comprising winged desk, file cabinet, ergonomic executive chair, hands-free speaker phone, desk lamp, trays for documents and high shelf cabinet. All this is part of a fully integrated set up that is comfortable and functional.

What services and facilities are included in the price?
May I use the meeting rooms? Are they free?
Can I change office or Business Center?
What documentation do I need to sign a contract?

At SBC, we have many services included in our fixed fees and others that are variable and depend on consumption. Those included in the price (forfait) you pay are: utilities (electricity and water), telephone lines with individual numbers, fiber optic internet, unlimited use of meeting rooms, daily cleaning service, furniture suiting your needs, tax domiciliation for your company, general and sports newspapers, multifunction machines (photocopying, printing, scanner) and an excellent reception service, etc. In terms of facilities, all our offices are equipped with air conditioning, heating, piped music and soundproofing with acoustic panels. We have taken care of every last detail to ensure the maximum comfort for our customers.

For customers who have rented an office in any of our centers and with our Forfaits (exclusive packs), meeting rooms have a symbolic price of 3€/hour (4 pax) or 5 €/hour (8 pax), which allows us to rationalize their use and manage orderly reservations for all customers enjoy this service. The rooms are fully equipped with Internet access, screen/projector or monitor, whiteboard, etc. Remember that you can also have catering, technical assistance, advance printing of documents and presentations, attendee reception, etc.

At SBC we are aware of how quickly a company can change its needs, so flexibility becomes a requirement which Service & Business Centers can meet right away. When your needs change, we will change with you. At SBC you will have complete flexibility to transfer your contract to another office or another SBC Center.

When you go to sign the contract, you just need to provide the necessary data to complete your contract. After this step, you will have a period of 30 days to submit the following documentation to SBC:

  • Company tax identification number
  • Articles of association
  • ID of the empowered person
  • Direct debit information. IBAN Code: ESXX + 20 digits
  • If you are a self-employed professional, your ID card and bank information will suffice

For your convenience you can submit this documentation by email (info@centros-sbc.com).

Centros SBC. Your opinion it's important

On the last years Centros-SBC has become a reference in the Business Centers sector for many reasons, the first is the quality facilities and the competitive prices over other market options. Although our more appreciated value is the exquisiteness in the deal to our customers and partners. We care about the people who visit us perceive professional, close and fully attended treatment.

We are committed towards excellence in the service and we are fully aware of our role in your organization, for us it is very important that you and your visitors perceive a very good impression from the first moment.

The customer reviews place us among the best Business Centers in Barcelona. We participate in Forums and generate opinion articles on the small and middle enterprise to launch new projects that require office rental, equipped offices rental, domiciliation of companies, services of virtual office and rental of meeting rooms or classrooms.

To arrange a visit or request additional information, contact us.
Come and visit us! We want to be your choice!!

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